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GALA 2012 Conference. Interview with Robert Etches

Watch the video.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


Impression. GALA 2012 Conference.

The 4th annual Language of Business, Business of Language Conference hosted by the Globalization and Localization Association was held in Monaco this year. See the video.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


Snap shots from a conference

From 9-12 May I attended the GALA conference in Prague. Here are my thoughts on what I saw and heard during my stay.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


In praise of compassionate colleagues

Why don’t we read more poetry?! Apart from Shakespeare and that notorious overreacher, Kit Marlowe, I seldom dip into my poetry books from school and my university days, when cynicism and ennui weren’t quite so rife.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


To translate or paraphrase: Is that the question?

What constitutes a good translation?

By Robert Etches (Denmark)


Back to the future

The basic idea behind "View from the Edge" is to provide information on trends in the communications’ industry, especially in the fields of translation, localisation and terminology.

By Robert Etches (Denmark)

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