In today’s increasingly global society, you not only need to grow global, reaching farther than ever before—you also need to grow local, molding and shaping your products and services in ways sensitive to the nuances of local audiences, no matter where on our globe they call home.

Our team, with much expertise in the computing sector, is equipped to competently manage all aspects of your localization project, from pre-project planning to software translation to document and online help translation to testing, pre-press production and more. We also leverage the latest localization tools, which evolve at such a fast pace it would be useless to list them here.

Associated services include:

  • Building terminology databases
  • Creating glossaries
  • Full desktop publishing
  • Copywriting
  • Review, editing, proof work
  • Recycling of existing translations
  • Linguistic analysis of product name/logo/brand for market suitability
  • Linguistic quality assurance
  • Localized software testing

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