A stronger, more international Board of Directors

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2018 will definitely be marked by a spirit of change and renewal, as it is also seeing some movement within the company’s Board of Directors.

After 6 years of fine, loyal service, Frédéric Hambÿe has come to the end of his term as company director, although he won’t be far away of course.

His departure is now made up for by two new arrivals.

Credit where credit is due, Fabien Côté, co-owner and manager of Stoquart Americas in Laval in Canada, is joining the company’s Board of Directors in Belgium. He brings with him his North-American vision and rigor, his commercial know-how and his expertise as a business manager and flourishing entrepreneur.

Equally exciting is the arrival of Udo Leinhäuser as a new director, giving us a skilled linguist, a real creative talent and business leader, a linguistic consultant, specialising in translation industry tools, SEO and social networks and, out of necessity, a real expert in the German market, which is so important and so close to our other European offices.

The new Board of Directors is now made up of Claude Stoquart, Marc Heymann, Fabien Côté, Udo Leinhäuser and Dimitri Stoquart, Stoquart’s manager and founder.

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