Mons rolls out the red carpet

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Every year, in February, hearts beat faster when the Festival International du Film d’Amour (FIFA) throws a mantle of emotions over the city of Mons.

Love, always and forever, remains the theme of this Festival as it celebrates its 31st edition and continues to explore the many facets of this complex and multi-layered emotion. Featured are love’s many forms: passionate, sentimental, brotherly, damaged, destructive, voluptuous, between men, women or both, between peoples, and more.

If the emotion can be read on many levels, so can the approach. The Festival du Film d’Amour strives to be international and multicultural, to enrich our experience with other viewpoints. The general public thus had the opportunity to discover films from the four corners of the world, with thirty-two countries sharing the billing.

This diversity was also evident in the selection of films in competition. Once more, different worlds were shown in succession, to the delight of the public and the international jury, presided by Chilian scriptwriter and director Sebastian Lello.

Nevertheless, all these works have something in common: they remain at the margins of the film distribution circuits that usually supply our movie theatres.

The FIFA, like other festivals in the same vein, play an important role by showing and highlighting another form of cinema that is rarely, if ever, shown on our screens.

This year, Stoquart was again happy to put its know-how at the service of an event that promotes the respect of differences and preaches openness to the world and its cultures. By translating the catalogue into English, our bureau allowed a larger audience to learn about these values and contributed to the spread of love and film alike.

The whole Stoquart team wishes a long life to the festival, and hopes to see you at the 32nd edition of this now-indispensable event on the Mons cultural calendar.

LIFF Mons (Formerly known as FIFA Mons)

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