The Stoquart team quenches its thirst for knowledge

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As it cannot count itself among the ranks of distinguished beer connoisseurs, the Stoquart team is keen to demonstrate its curiosity and outward-looking attitude by constantly widening the range of subject areas in which its linguists work every day. It was with this in mind that a small delegation recently headed off to Le Roeulx – just a short hop from the Mons office – for a behind-the-scenes tour of the St-Feuillien Brewery.


From the history of the famous family business to the practical operation of current production technologies, the tour provided the perfect opportunity to discuss a number of topics which are often mentioned in the material we translate for this prestigious local client, for whom preserving craftsmanship is a matter of pride. Thanks to this short immersion in the brewing industry, our linguists were able to glean a wealth of information which will undoubtedly prove very useful to them in their future work: the cold hopping process, what a mash tun is used for, the difference between wort and draff, the process for cleaning out barrels before filling them…

And the all-round sensorial experience could only end in one way – with a chance to sample a few of the company’s products. Cheers!



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