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Growing MLV Agencies

Tap large audiences and grow your global business across languages, countries, and cultures. With more than 30 years of experience in language services, we make it seamless for you to communicate with prospects and clients in their languages.

How Can We Help? When you aim for global success, it is essential to communicate the value that your company brings with clarity, precision, and confidence.
  • Are you planning to launch your brand into a new market?
  • Do you want to promote a new product outside national borders?
  • Have you recently upgraded your global product and want to spread the word?
  • Do you need help with writing content for your global marketing strategy?
  • Are you a multi-language vendor looking for competitively priced volume translation and localisation services?
We make your message accessible in the languages that international customers, potential buyers, and business partners are comfortable using.
Whether you’re a global company or an MLV agency, our team of trained linguists will translate your texts on time, within the budget, and deliver all documents in the file formats you need.
Business Expansion with Professional Language Services

You hand off your translation project, and we take care of every detail from start to finish. From document translation to technical translation and marketing localisation, you have a one-stop solution for global expansion.

Increased Engagement with Persuasive Messages in Multiple Languages

We help you tell your business story in your customers’ languages and shape culturally appropriate products to secure global success through local growth. It’s a targeted approach, based on cultural insights and knowledge of local markets, that results in persuasive messages to engage your target audience.

Better Communication and A Brand That Looks Great in All Languages

Our global network of native linguists provides high-quality, prompt translations of common and not-so-common languages. Thanks to services like localisation and transcreation, you’ll reach international customers on a personal, human level to create long-lasting business relationships.

Better Workflow and Transparency

Innovative translation technology tools enable us to track progress and keep you updated on the status of the project regularly. You communicate with an account manager who responds to your calls and emails promptly so that you always know the state of your translations.

Reliable translation partner

Your reliable translation partner

Reach your ideal clients with localised content for all the languages that matter to your business. You’ll work with native speakers who live among your target audience and have the cultural insights to deliver the best business content in any language.
Stoquart is a trusted, reliable partner for translation into business languages from all continents and a leader in business localisation for Flemish, Canadian French, and Belgium French. Our extensive network of linguists makes it possible for us to translate your content in any language your clients are comfortable speaking.

A deep understanding of cultural backgrounds.

Awareness of the cultural differences between countries and nations, even when they seem to speak the same language, is the key to deliver world-class language services. Whether it’s legal documentation or marketing messages, your content needs to be readable and easy to understand by your target audience.

Translation by Subject Matter Experts.

By working with linguists who are specialists in their respective fields, we deliver the best translation and localisation services for companies in various industries. You get to communicate with the people who matter to your business in their mother languages through accurate and compelling content for successful business outcomes.

Targeted messaging.

We follow the same targeted approach for all language pairs that we support. We work with native speakers, most in-country, to deliver accurate translations in the languages that your customers speak every day. Because when you talk as your customers do, your messages will trigger reactions and generate business opportunities.


Are you looking for ways to break language and cultural barriers? We help you connect with your international audience and consolidate business relationships with your multilingual clients.

We translate and format your texts in any language to give you mirror-image documents in the file formats you need so that you can print them immediately upon delivery.


Whether you wish to localise your software, website, or app, we use cultural insights to reshape your products to your clients’ expectations.


For creative texts and marketing deliverables, we help you rewrite your content in any language. It enables you to capture the attention of the local public and increase engagement.

Terminology Support

Our advanced translation services include support for glossary creation and terminology management in multiple languages.


We deliver branded content, tailor-made to speak to the hearts of people. We make your website more appealing to local readers, trigger reactions and increase conversions.

Business Solutions

Your one-stop language service provider to manage your translation and localisation projects from start to finish:
  • Cultural awareness and support for launching your products in new local markets.
  • Customised localisation hacks and a global strategy for a successful launch of your new service overseas.
  • Expert guidance in all stages, from terminology management to product testing and pre-press.
  • Punctuality and attention to details for impeccable services in any language.
  • Competitive prices for quality translations.

Agency Solutions

Get more done with a team of qualified, native translators who are ready to take all or part of the translation and localisation workflow out of your hands:
  • Professional, trained translators who are specialists in their respective fields.
  • Flexibility and compliance with quality assurance rules.
  • Ability to tackle large volumes, on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • The same added value every time you turn a project over.
  • High-tech edge to handling multiple file types and excellent control over deliverables.

Join the Stoquart circle of trust

Reserve your seat among the best language service providers and get 5-star services all the time, every time!

The Stoquart “Circle of Trust” approach makes it easy for you to collaborate with some of the best linguists in your industry. We build relationships with our collaborators, clients, and partners based on mutual trust. This way, you know for sure that you’ll receive the same level of translation quality and customer service in all languages, across all industries and verticals.


How We Get

Things Done

Step 1: After a project management analysis, you get accurate quotes and deadlines to help you plan your next moves.
Step 2: We prepare files and set information flows to streamline communication between your in-house experts and our teams of translators.
Step 3: We customise our translation processes to meet your company’s needs and get the work done on time and within your budget.
Step 4: We go through a question and answer session with you.
Step 5: We post-process files after the translation is complete to make sure you can immediately use them.
Step 6: We handle desktop publishing if needed.
Step 7: You get all files and deliverables in the target languages.

A Global Language
Service Provider

Do you need an international partner that can provide on-going support for global expansion? Count on Stoquart, a global company, with offices in five countries and an international Board of Directors.

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