Localisation or Optimised Web Page Creation?

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Having specialised in localisation for over 30 years, Stoquart has developed a new service. Instead of translating content, we have been asked by some customers to write optimised web content to ensure they have high quality, multi-lingual websites for their market.

The internet is evolving, and our clients’ local web pages are following suit. Stoquart has reacted to meet this new requirement.

It is only a short leap from localisation to optimised digital content creation.

There is a great deal of overlap between localisation and online content creation. Stoquart is capitalising on its localisation experience to provide linguistic and technical expertise.

Our reputation is based on the quality of our translations. This quality relies, above all, on solid language skills:

  • Impeccable spelling and grammar are essential to winning the trust of our clients, and to making content easy for end users to understand.
  • Confident word choice and an ability to (re)structure sentences ensure that the final text reads idiomatically and is tailored to its geographical locale and target audience.
  • When it comes to their help pages and e-commerce sites, we adapt our online writing style to our clients’ specific tones of voice.

Our considerable experience in the translation sector and our localisation positioning have allowed us to develop specific technical expertise:

  • We use a range of IT tools to manage a wide variety of file types
  • We understand HTML mark-up issues
  • We have thorough knowledge of the web universe (website architecture and internal links, testing to ensure optimal user experience in the target language, etc.)

This knowledge foundation common to localisation and web copywriting enables Stoquart to help customers who wish to take the next step in adapting their websites to foreign markets.

To improve SEO results, some clients now wish to create local web content from scratch, which will necessarily be better optimised than a translation, as it has been fully designed for the local target audience. That’s the advantage of creating content directly in the target language.

SEO content specifics

To realise the best search engine results, website content needs to satisfy Google, Bing, and other search algorithms, as well as the search users themselves. In order to achieve this, you need to create premium content that is well structured and SEO optimised. That’s the art of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting.

Web pages must be seen in order to convert prospects into customers. To be seen, the page needs a good SEO ranking, in other words it needs to secure a prime position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). People rarely look at results shown at the bottom of the first page and are even less likely to check the following pages.

What do you need to secure a good search engine position? Unfortunately, Google does not reveal the secrets behind its algorithms and it is hard to guess the exact recipe to secure one of the top spots on the search results page. While there was once a time when it was sufficient to squeeze in the maximum number of keywords, we know that today, only quality content secures the top positions.

Simply translating content and keywords will not get the rankings you want. Cultural differences lead to different styles of search.

Udo Leinhäuser, Managing Director, iSEO.works

For this reason, we strongly advise that you work with quality service providers such as Stoquart to ensure premier content.

  • Our extensive experience searching for reliable information to choose terminology means that we know how to create well-documented texts with high added value.
  • We are comfortable with instructions and briefs provided in English and we perfectly understand your expectations. We can also base our work on an existing English corpus.
  • We are used to working to tight deadlines. Our responsiveness guarantees that your international launch will happen on time.

Our core business has naturally prepared us to play an active role in creating premium online content.

Why do some clients decide to go beyond localisation, and ask us to create web pages directly in the target language?

All businesses now need an online presence. And all international businesses need content in their international customers’ languages.

While some players are happy to stick to the bare minimum, translating only some of their web pages or contenting themselves with basic or unedited machine translations, others wish to provide quality content in the local language. They understand the importance of content for local market positioning, for improving brand image and for supporting international expansion.

We asked one of our travel clients to shed some light on their approach:
Why do they increasingly ask us to write articles for them in French?
Why not carry on with the traditional process of using internal teams produce content in English and asking us to translate it?
Their outsourcing manager gave us the following explanation:

We decided on a dual approach in which we realise savings with long tail content (smaller hotels, remote destinations), and can invest in tailored content authored in the local language for high visibility content (for example, in domestic or primary destinations). The increased focus on social media and blog content also means that it is more effective to author local content instead of using traditional  translation.

If you want to publish high visibility content, there’s nothing better than asking a professional provider to create the content in the language of your target audience.

Each language has its own way of expressing concepts, which can also vary by region and demographic. To attract customers, you need to speak their language, using words that will appeal to them, gain their confidence and turn them into loyal customers. Stoquart has teams based in Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, and Italy, so we understand the specificities of different markets and are well-positioned to create perfectly tailored and optimised web pages for your audience(s).

Regardless of the language of your brief, we will provide original and impeccable content, perfectly adapted to your target audience to feed your company’s website or blog. Contact us for a quote.

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