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Dimitri Stoquart

Dimitri Stoquart

Managing Director

Dimitri was born, studied, lives and works in Mons – so, definitely the place to be!
He is a translator, wheeler-dealer, entrepreneur, and networker. He is also a workaholic, which perhaps explains how he manages to successfully run a business and still find time for his lovely wife and his 6-kid blended family!
In between everything else he enjoys city mini-holidays, museums, old books, and pleasant restaurants.

Dimitri reads: suspense novels, business books, and whatever can make him laugh or surprise him

Dimitri watches: TV to try and stop thinking

Dimitri listens to: surprisingly avant-garde rock at teenager decibel levels!

Dimitri admires: people you can trust and great characters who have left their mark on history

Dimitri would like to: find some peace of mind

Dimitri visits:


Mario Spoto

General Manager – Stoquart Italia

Mario originally comes from Sicily, but later moved to Pisa to study computer science at university.
With Greek flatmates and a Spanish girlfriend (now wife), by chance he started working on automatic translation systems and ended up dealing with localization.
Mario has two sons, manages a basketball team, has a passion for travel and hiking, and is a fine food and wine lover.
He’s happy and proud to be part of Stoquart team!

Mario reads: crime and sci-fi novels, classics of Italian literature, business articles and books recently…

Mario watches: art films, sci-fi films

Mario listens to: some Italian songwriters, rock, prog rock (Jethro Tull, Genesis, but Banco and PFM too). Old people’s music, according to my sons

Mario admires: people who are passionate about their work and people who admit their mistakes

Mario wants to be: travel to Patagonia

Mario visits: news websites and Google maps


CEO Stoquart Canada

Nicolas Koutzaroff

General Manager – Stoquart Canada

Nicolas was born and raised in Nice. After finishing high school on the Côte d’Azur, he has steadily moved north… with stops in Paris, New York and now Montréal. His next stop might be opening Stoquart Nunavut!
Having started in the language industry a little bit by accident and necessity, he decided to stick around and twenty years later, he still enjoys learning new things and is never satisfied with status quo. Father of two (Justin and Laetitia) and step-father of two more (Carolane and Kelly), he is practicing his management skills at home first!

Nicolas reads: not as much as he would like to

Nicolas watches: Montréal Canadiens hockey (Go Habs Go!), NY Jets football (J E T S Jets Jets Jets), Arsenal/Bayern München and Netflix of course if there is still time ?

Nicolas listens to: many different kinds of music, from Metric, Thievery Corporation, Alan Parsons, Robbie Williams, Dr Dre, Clueso, Eddy Mitchell to Paganini or Art Blakey

Nicolas admires: people with passion

Nicolas wants to be: find time to play tennis more often

Nicolas visits:,,,,,, and once a year needs to go to Saalbach, Austria, to feel 7 yr old again


Allysson Claeys

Office Management

Allysson graduated from the University of Mons as an Occupational and Organizational Psychologist in 2009. After working as Office Manager in a company specialising in renewable energies, she joined Stoquart’s great team. She enjoys travelling and visiting new destinations, shopping, hanging out with her friends and spending some quality time at home reading a great book. She is also a TV show addict, always looking for a new show to watch!

Allysson reads: a bit of everything with a preference for contemporary literature and also suspense novels and historical books

Allysson watches: a lot of shows – but she is a huge fan of The Walking Dead, Banshee, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother. She also likes talk shows such as ‘On N’est Pas Couché’

Allysson listens to: a very diverse range of artists, but her favorites are Athlete, Emilie Simon, Jessie Ware, Fall Out Boy and Ed Sheeran

Allysson admires: cultured and educated people – such as the kind who can quote an authors in any conversation

Allysson wants to be: able to visit more places

Allysson visits:,,



Evelyne Chauveheid

Resource Management

Evelyne completed her translation studies at the ISTI (now the Université Libre de Bruxelles) in 1993 and has been working in the translation industry in various roles since then.
After graduating, she left her native Ardennes to embark on a translation career in Cambridge, UK, before moving to the Emerald Isle, where she spent ten years. In 2010, she relocated to Brussels, where she still lives today.
She loves travelling, mostly around Europe, visiting her international friends. She spends a lot of her free time going to the cinema, the theatre, concerts and exhibitions. She is also a keen hiker who enjoys good food and wine.

Evelyne reads: novels, crime fiction, and travel guides… in French and English

Evelyne watches: a lot of movies, series (mostly Nordic, English, and Belgian), and documentaries

Evelyne listens to: pop and rock music: Arcade Fire, The National, Muse, and Balthazar but also French artists like Dominique A

Evelyne admires: Simone Veil… and her 96-year-old mum

Evelyne wants to be: spend a month in New Zealand

Evelyne visits: travel, news and music websites


Antonella Mori

Project Management

Antonella has always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures.

After graduating as a German/Dutch/English into Italian translator from the University of Trieste (Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori), she first moved to Milan and worked as a translator and assistant in the Italian offices of a German law and tax firm. She soon had the opportunity to move back to Pisa, her home town, to join the translation and localization team at Synthema srl, a company providing language services into Italian. She spent nearly 20 years there, working as a translator, reviewer and project manager.

Lately, when her colleague and friend Mario Spoto decided to start a new « adventure » in the translation business with Stoquart, she was happy to participate and become part of the large Stoquart family!

Antonella reads: a bit of everything – newspapers, weekly magazines, novels, children’s books

Antonella watches: cartoons and animation movies with her 5-year old son!

Antonella listens to: pop music from all over the world, with a soft spot for Italian singer-songwriters

Antonella admires: people who remain humble despite their power, beauty, wealth or position

Antonella would like to: travel a lot and discover new cultures with her beloved husband and son

Antonella visits: Facebook just out of curiosity, news Web sites, cooking Web sites to get ideas what to cook for dinner!


Aurore Jarry

Project Management

Aurore graduated from the University of Brussels in 2018. After moving from France to Brussels, she discovered Belgian life and started studying translation. She loved it so much she decided to stay. She enjoys reading, travelling, cooking and watching TV series as well as the news.

Aurore reads: classic literature in French, English and Spanish, but also modern fiction.

Aurore watches: too many TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Las Chicas del cable, Le Meilleur pâtissier (the French version of The Great British Bake Off) and Top Chef.

Aurore listens to: mostly rock and pop-rock music (she loves the American band Paramore).

Aurore admires: her parents and her brother.

Aurore wants to be: greener.

Aurore visits: Amazon, Facebook, Netflix


Faustine Body

Faustine Body

Project Management

Faustine graduated from the FTI-EII, where she studied English and Russian. Immediately after graduating, she started working for the United Nations and spent 8 months at the New York Headquarters. For family reasons she came back to Belgium and looked for a job in the translation sector. She found one in Brussels, but the long commutes soon got on her nerves and she’s now happy to work in Mons, where she lives and was born.

Faustine reads: mainly novels by contemporary authors

Faustine watches: news programs and movies on her boyfriend’s recommendation as her knowledge of cinema isn’t great

Faustine listens to: a little bit of everything depending on her mood

Faustine admires: intellectuals and people who fight for their beliefs no matter how hopeless their cause seems

Faustine would like to: to travel the world

Faustine visits: museums whenever there is a great exhibition on


Jordana Louagie

Jordana Louagie

Project Management

Jordana graduated in Office Management specialising in business translation and interpreting at the University College of Ghent in 2015. As Jordana has always been passionate about languages, she completed her secondary education in Ypres knowing four languages. She then moved to Ghent where she started her Bachelor’s Degree. At the end of the programme she completed her internship at the International Office of the Business and Information Management faculty of the University College of Ghent, where she met Erasmus students from all over the world.
Afterwards, she started working as an Office Manager in the metal industry but decided to leave and to go back to her first passion. Thanks to Stoquart she can start from scratch and is pleased to be part of the Project Management Team.

Jordana reads: the daily news online

Jordana watches: detective series such as ‘Criminal Minds’ and educational documentaries

Jordana listens to: to music from the 80s and has a soft spot for Eros Ramazzotti

Jordana admires: people with a good heart and compassionate actions

Jordana would like to: see less hate and more peace among people in the world

Jordana visits: restaurants often as she loves a good meal and enjoys a glass (or two) of red wine. You know what they say, a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away…


Project Manager Stoquart Canada

Kio Slight de Azevedo

Project Management

A lover of languages and culture, Kio has studied movies, marketing, and advertising. She joined Stoquart as a project coordinator to put her knowledge of management and communications into practice. She loves facing new challenges each day!

Kio reads: biographies, with her favourite being Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue

Kio watches: documentaries, dramas, horror films, TV series. Her favourites: Six Feet Under, American History X, and Requiem for a Dream

Kio listens to: a lot of music of very different styles, from John Mayer to the Red Hot Chili Peppers; a true fan!

Kio admires: beautiful landscapes

Kio wants to be: be a good surfer

Kio visits: the mountains, especially to go cycling


Laetitia Grard

Project Management

Laetitia’s life story is one of travel. Born in Djibouti, she then moved to Bangladesh for 3 years with her parents before returning to Belgium. Thanks to her expatriate father, she has traveled extensively and visited many countries, starting when she was very young.

At the age of 11, she entered the SHAPE International School, which gave her the opportunity to grow up in a multicultural environment.

In 2007, she had the chance to travel to Bolivia for one year of complete immersion in an amazing country.

Quite naturally, she enrolled at the University of Mons to study translation in English and Russian, Russian being a new language challenge.

She graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in multidisciplinary translation and then completed a traineeship at the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament in Luxembourg in 2014.

She worked as an English tutor for a year, teaching students from 7 to 77 before joining Stoquart’s Project Management team in 2015.

Laetitia reads: plays, novels and news articles

Laetitia watches: some TV shows, American series, thriller movies, documentaries

Laetitia listens to: Stevie Wonder at the moment

Laetitia admires: wisdom and fearlessness

Laetitia wants: fundamental principles, such as human rights, equality and justice, to be respected

Laetitia visits: different countries whenever she can


Laurence Ganseman

Project Management

Laurence graduated as a German/English into French translator in Mons in 2004. She then headed for Berlin, where she was supposed to stay for a two-month internship. She then had the opportunity to do another internship at Leinhäuser Language Services (then Leinhäuser & Partners), in Munich, before going back to Berlin. All in all, she spent a bit more than 4 years in Germany, of which she kept a strong, if somewhat strange, urge to abide by traffic lights and a weakness for spatzle and Bratwurst.

Back in Belgium, she got lost in the automotive industry. Making the best of it, she used this time to study for a Master’s degree in international politics and, most importantly, to have a wonderful little boy. Back to her professional first love, she is now a project manager at Stoquart and happy to be back in the translation business.

Laurence reads English or German books and anything related to international politics

Laurence watches a lot (way too much, actually) of U.S. TV series, in English of course

Laurence listens to mainstream music with a soft spot for Faithless

Laurence admires self-confidence

Laurence wants to be good at what she does

Laurence visits, and luxury clothing websites — but only for research purposes


Marie Durieux

Marie Durieux

Project Management

Marie graduated from the FTI-EII, where she studied English and Dutch. She began her career working as a supply teacher in a secondary school in Saint-Ghislain (near Mons). She found this short-term job really interesting, but she wanted to find another one in the translation sector which better matched her skills and preferences. Her quest led her here where she became the newest member of our Project Management team.

Marie reads: a bit of everything, but mainly fantasy and detective novels in French, Dutch or English

Marie watches: a lot of U.S. TV series in the original language and videos from the website

Marie listens to: mainly pop and electronic music, but also Reggaeton and 80s/90s music (the best ever!)

Marie admires: modesty, loyalty and people with strong determination and persistence

Marie would like to: travel the world and always be impressed by new discoveries, cultures and landscapes

Marie visits: news websites, clothing and cookery websites, Youtube and Facebook (of course!)


Project Manager Stoquart Canada

Marie-Pier Desbiens

Project Management

With a bacherlor’s degree in Hispanic studies from Concordia University and a certificate in Spanish-to-French translation from the University of Montréal, Marie-Pier joined Stoquart in 2017 as a project coordinator. What she enjoys in her work is the unknown, the variety, and the team’s warm, cheerful feel

Marie-Pier reads: newspapers online, like Le Devoir, La Presse, and El País

Marie-Pier watches: lots of documentaries and legendary series like Friends… She never gets tired of it!

Marie-Pier listens to: jazz and rock: Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, James Bay, City and Colour

Marie-Pier admires: mountains and breathtaking landscapes

Marie-Pier wants to be: speak Spanish every day

Marie-Pier visits: forest trails, in winter for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, in summer for hiking and cycling


Soazig Le Charlès

Project Management

Soon after obtaining her Master’s degree in translation from the University of Paris VII in 2004, she moved to Dublin where she got her first job as an in-house French translator at Simultrans. Having spent nearly ten years there, she left the country to follow her husband-to-be to Leuven (Belgium), where they got married and had their first child! In Belgium, she also joined Stoquart as part of the Project Management team in Mons, before moving to the beautiful South of France. She has no plans to move ever again!

Soazig reads: psychology books, English and French novels

Soazig watches: American TV series and French documentaries like Capital and Envoyé Spécial

Soazig listens to: to children’s music (too much for her liking!) and trip-hop when her kids let her

Soazig admires: charity work

Soazig would like to: travel around Europe

Soazig visits: Amazon (so time-consuming!),


Alice Roobaert


Alice graduated from the University of Mons as a translator from German/English into French. She is a country girl fascinated by peaceful and natural landscapes. Alice’s world is made up of simple things: pink, love and smiles! Curious about everything, her goal in life is to create her own world. She is often described as funny – but also has strong opinions and enjoys high-level intellectual discussions. Alice likes singing, cooking, reading, learning, eating chocolate and visiting historical monuments. Where can you find her? At the seaside, searching for seashells!

Alice reads: Psychology books, science and history magazines

Alice watches: Mr. Holmes, Le destin de Lisa, Harry Potter, Le Jardin Extraordinaire, Questions Pour un Champion, and more!

Alice listens to: A variety of popular musical styles (Pink, Muse, Prodigy, etc.) but also classical music (Schubert, Chopin, Grieg, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky)

Alice admires: The beauty of nature

Alice wants to be: An accomplished woman

Alice visits: Her innermost being

Aline Heirman


Aline is the only one among the translators at the office who studied in Brussels. But as she’s lived in the country since she was born, she couldn’t bear living in the big city… That’s why she came back in the countryside to have her house built. As her husband is not a do-it-yourselfer at all (although he’s a cook!), she had to handle the building herself. She loved that and this made her like supervising!

So, she came back from the capital, began working at Stoquart in 2003 as a translator from English and German into French, had her house built, married and had 2 lovely children (the « royal couple » as we say in French – 1 boy and 1 girl), for whom she began knitting a few years ago.

At work, she specialized in localization from English and progressively got bigger projects to manage. She has so much work that she always needs help! Fortunately, she can rely on the team!

Aline reads: fantasy books (Robin Hobb) to escape from the hard reality of life

Aline watches: Dr House, Desperate Housewives and generally likes American blockbusters

Aline listens to: Pure FM (on the radio), sometimes Bon Jovi to wake up

Aline admires: her mother, the best mother of the world!

Aline would like to: discover the secret of cloning and find a way to come at the end of the month without having to count every euro

Aline visits: Facebook, Google, and MS Web sites!


Anne Audoli


Anne lives in a small village in the hinterland, away from the hustle and bustle of the French Riviera. She left Paris several years ago and finally headed south where she now lives with her partner and their little boy.

Attracted by foreign cultures thanks to several trips to Great-Britain and Germany when she was a child, and fond of words as a whole, she hesitated between becoming a speech therapist and turning to language studies. She eventually chose to become a translator, maybe to add her « personal touch » to her environment, as most of her family members were already into medicine… after all, translating is also a way of caring for others!

Anne reads: Le Nouvel Observateur, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Douglas Kennedy

Anne watches: Cold Case, though she finds it quite depressing now. After all, we know they all die in the end! Also enjoys watching French modern films.

Anne listens to: her sister and her little niece talking over Skype from Singapore, Tracy Chapman, Ben Harper

Anne admires: Coluche, Mother Teresa

Anne would like to: get more involved in social works to help people in need

Anne visits:


Aude Savin

Aude Savin


Aude graduated as a translator from ISIT in 2018 with English and German as her working languages. A few months later, she moved to the lovely Mediterranean coast and joined Stoquart France’s team in Sophia Antipolis.
Apart from sun and translation, she also enjoys reading, drawing and walking by the sea.

Aude reads: a bit of everything, with a preference for historical and science-fiction novels

Aude watches: lots of web series, YouTube comedy videos, dance shows

Aude listens to: classical music, rock and a bit of metal. And Two Steps from Hell’s classics when she needs to lift her spirits!

Aude admires: Malala Yousafzai

Aude would like to: be able to sail a boat

Aude visits: YouTube,


Audrey-Anne Cardinal


After a bachelor and half a master in French literature, Audrey-Anne turned to translation as a way to keep playing with words and never stop learning. Between her cooking, her collection of The Little Prince’s editions and her rowing practices, she’s trying to find her way to spark a change in the world.

Audrey-Anne reads:  a lot of blog’s articles aiming to make the world a better place to live, and all types of books she piles up in her tiny apartment

Audrey-Anne watches:  probably too much Netflix, a lot of TedTalks, and then Friends again

Audrey-Anne listens to:  music that fits her mood, from old 70’s and 80’s vinyls to current summer pop. And then the Beatles again

Audrey-Anne admires:  people that are really close to produce zero waste at home and those who could commit to learn to play any music instrument

Audrey-Anne would like to:  live abroad for a while, or at least to dare to travel more

Audrey-Anne visits: the Jean-Talon market every other day and any small bookstore that comes her way. You can also find her at the Olympic Basin where she coaches crew


Aurélie Parola


After enjoying a young and friendly work environment in Dublin, Aurélie came back to France and, in particular, to the sunny Côte d’Azur, for her greatest gustatory delight.

Aurélie currently lives in Antibes, not too far from the office and close to the sea at the same time!

She likes eating everything with a taste of chocolate.

She feels good when everything is in order, both in her job and on her desktop.

Aurélie reads: Detective novels in English or French – not too demanding! ;-)

Aurélie watches: « The Big Blue » and movies from French film director Cédric Klapisch, especially those starring Romain Duris (a quite good-looking French actor)!

Aurélie listens to: U2, a lot!

Aurélie admires: Fine art photography

Aurélie wants to be: on holidays in Corsica + a professional belly-dancer

Aurélie visits: the Mediterranean seabed


Céline Cyte


A big MacGyver fan in her early days, Céline initially wanted to become a policewoman to save lives and spread justice – but she soon realised she just wasn’t cut out for such a grueling job. Now working in the (albeit slight less altruistic but no less prestigious) role of translator, her family and friends take much comfort in her choice of a cushy office environment over street crime. Céline also loves travelling – no sooner is she home from a trip than she is already planning her next one!

Céline reads: Mainly contemporary Belgian/French/American literature

Céline watches: A lot of US TV shows (Castle, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and more) as well as films shown at the Plaza Art cinema in Mons

Céline listens to: Bear’s Den, Bloc Party, City and Colour, Coldplay, Daughter, Folly and the Hunter, Girls in Hawaii, Mumford and Sons, Placebo, Puggy, Roscoe and more

Céline admires: Adventurers and people involved in humanitarian work

Céline wants to: Be ubiquitous… No, but seriously: to make the most of her life

Céline visits:,


Céline Laporte

Céline Laporte


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Céline watches: Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Céline listens to: Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

Céline admires: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Céline would like to:  Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

Céline visits: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum


Céline Queffelec


Céline left her native Brittany to work in the South of France.

She doesn’t live too far from the office and enjoys going to work by foot on sunny mornings, while listening to music (that puts her in a good mood, ready to face a day of work!).

She likes skiing and going for walks in the mountain and by the sea.

Like any self-respecting Breton, Céline is fond of crêpes and salted butter, but don’t imagine that her diet is only made of these 2 specialities!

Céline reads: Mainly crime novels (Indridason, Läckberg, Marklund, Sjöwall & Wahlöö…)

Céline watches: Documentaries, Current affairs, Le petit journal

Céline listens to: Cat Stevens, Pop/Rock and World music as a whole

Céline admires: the paintings of her father

Céline would like to: be in front of the Atlantic Ocean, admiring the raging sea

Céline visits:,

Christine Dufrasne


Christine graduated from the Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux in Mons in 2009 and started working at Stoquart one month later. She finds it exciting to discover new subtleties of languages everyday and used to participate in spelling competitions. She is also interested in scientific matters, especially astrophysics and entomology. However, do not think she is an over-analytical person: she enjoys playing the guitar, singing (definitely a music fan) or simply having a walk to feel the fresh air upon her face.

Christine reads: fantasy novels

Christine watches: anything that might catch her attention on TV

Christine listens to: pop, rock, and a pinch of metal

Christine admires: Marie Curie

Christine would like to: visit whole Provence with her Southern-French boyfriend

Christine visits:


Christine Gabriel


Christine has been working as a translator (from English, Dutch and Spanish, into French) at Stoquart SA since 2000. What she most appreciates about her job is discovering new things everyday. She also likes cooking, gardening, doing sport (especially swimming), and much more, but with her two lovely little children, she doesn’t have much time for that. Hopefully, a run twice a week with a few colleagues, that ‘s great to recharge her batteries, and have a chat… and a lot of fun. She keeps cool, even under pressure, and has outstanding mediation capacities in conflict-prone situations. If she hadn’t been a translator, she would have been an excellent teacher: you notice it when she trains students coming here for some days or weeks.

Christine reads: thrillers, books about homeopathy, …

Christine watches: variety shows, documentaries

Christine listens to: U2, Queen, Calogero, …

Christine admires: serenity

Christine would like to: see more respect for the human being in the world

Christine visits: the nature and its fascinating landscapes


Emilie Legras


Émilie graduated in translation from Université Lyon 3 in 2014.

As a child she moved around a great deal with her family, which is probably why she loves travelling a lot and meeting new people. A few years ago, she lived in Spain for her studies and after graduating she travelled Down Under for six month to work on organic farms and to discover Australian wildlife and landscapes. She came back to France to finally settle down.

She enjoys hiking in the mountains, but she’s not very sporty and usually prefers gentler activities such as drawing, reading or sewing.

Émilie reads: science fiction and fantasy novels, too many comic books

Émilie watches: documentaries, cooking shows, lots of movies and animation series

Émilie listens to: pop, rock, folk

Émilie admires: passionate people

Émilie would like to: go hiking in Patagonia!

Émilie visits:,,


Florence Maon


Now a thirty-something and fresh mum of a lovely baby, Florence has a degree in advertising and a degree in translation, and can therefore boast various professional experiences… however she’s glad to have settled at Stoquart as a result!

She loves England and Germany, which she has visited several times to study and learn the language, but is also fond of Belgium and France – actually, she doesn’t find it necessary to travel far away to see interesting places and beautiful landscapes…

Florence reads: Cook books, with the promise to put them into practice

Florence watches: Her husband play the guitar, her daughter play with her feet, her cat, birds through binoculars

Florence listens to: Royksopp in the morning, Guano
Apes and Melissa Auf Der Maur in the evening

Florence admires: Her parents

Florence would like to: Feel fulfilled

Florence visits:,,,


Françoise Bernard


Françoise has a degree in translation in English and Dutch from the Belgian University of Mons-Hainaut. After one year experience commuting between Mons and Brussels, she applied for a translator job in Mons and finally joined the Stoquart (dream) team in August 2001. Françoise is the colleague everybody should have: she is hardworking, conscientious, willful, trustworthy, and last but not least, a great cook. She especially enjoys cooking ice creams, cupcakes and all types of treats (and eventually eating them).

She lives in a nice village near Mons. She also likes travelling, walking, biking, skiing and running with colleagues during lunchtime. She is also interested in photography in general and food photography in particular and would like to learn how to use photo editing software.

Françoise reads: cooking recipes, books usually in English or Dutch.

Françoise watches: one-man(/woman-)shows, music shows.

Françoise currently listens to: Belgian artists and bands like Balthazar, Milow, Puggy or Alice on the roof and international artists like Milky Chance, Imagine Dragons, Black eyed peas or will.

Françoise admires: her son’s always positive attitude

Françoise wants to be: and stay healthy and happy

Françoise visits: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Marmiton, Youtube, etc.


Gauthier Régibot


Gauthier has a degree in translation from Mons University (Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux). He began his working life as a Dutch teacher before returning to his first love, namely translation. Musician in his spare time, this metal addict has now been working for Stoquart for the past 4 years where he mainly handles computing, medical and financial projects. At work, Gauthier is someone you can rely on, a great colleague :-) He likes spending his holidays with his family, hanging around with friends, the barbecue-pastis-petanque and DIY (even if he’s hopeless at this). As music flows through his veins you will hardly see him without his earphones (but with a volume always set to low so that his colleagues don’t have nightmares at night).

Gauthier reads: cooking and comic books

Gauthier watches: Dexter, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy

Gauthier listens to: metal music, especially sludge and post-hardcore

Gauthier admires: his children and Jimmy Page

Gauthier would like to: travel to New Zealand and be a better guitar player

Gauthier visits:,


Ingrid Remy


Ingrid lives in the nice city of Mons, where she obtained her degree in translation from the Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux. At Stoquart, she’s « part of the furniture », as she’s beeen working there since 1995! She translates mostly technical texts from English and German into French.

She enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, cinema, astronomy, being in contact with nature and travelling the (foreign) country with her man in their homemade motorhome during her holidays.

Ingrid reads: detective and suspense books, among others from Patricia Cornwell and Elisabeth George

Ingrid watches: TV and movies (especially art films)

Ingrid listens to: Indochine, the music fom the 80’s and the Belgian radio « Pure FM »

Ingrid admires: the artists (in painting, sculpture, etc), who are able to create things from scratch

Ingrid would like to: be an archaelogist in Egypt

Ingrid visits: and


Translator Stoquart Canada

Josée Lachapelle


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Josée reads:

Josée watches:

Josée listens to:

Josée admires:

Josée wants to be:

Josée visits:


Translator Stoquart Canada

Jacinthe Laplante


After studying history and gaining experience in coordination and administration, Jacinthe moves on to earn a degree in translation. Once she graduated, she joined the Stoquart team, where she has served as a translator for nearly four years. A lover of history and literature, she loves to find the right words to express everything around her.

Jacinthe reads: historical novels, biographies, and history journals

Jacinthe watches: TV series, especially sitcoms, action movies, and documentaries on politics and history

Jacinthe listens to: classical at work. Rock, blues, or podcasts while in the car and working out

Jacinthe admires: people who aren’t afraid of taking risks

Jacinthe would like to: live in Italy! A dream come true

Jacinthe visits: Italy, as soon as the opportunity arises


Karine Lebel


Karine had quite a diversified journey before very recently joining Stoquart. She first studied theatre in college. She then worked as a flight attendant and as a driver examiner, among other things. She finally found her path when she met a translator on a flight and realized this was a perfect career for her. She was raised in Québec, but her sense of adventure led her to Montréal, then Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ontario. She finally decided to come back to Montréal to start her Bachelor’s Degree.

She enjoys travelling, hiking, reading, cooking, climbing, diving, hanging out with friends, and likes to unwind with a good glass of wine or a local gin. She is eager to learn and try different things, and is always willing to take on new challenges.

Karine reads: novels, news, plays

Karine watches: mostly series. She also enjoys watching documentaries and Friends… over and over again!

Karine listens to: all kinds of music, from rock to country and reggaeton, depending on her mood. She never gets tired of listening to les Cowboys Fringants and 80s/90s music

Karine admires: honesty, passionate people and those who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone

Karine wants: a sign language interpreter, eventually. Travel the world and stay young at heart!

Karine visits:,,, cooking website. Her friends and family whenever she can, the wonders of the ocean as she loves to dive, and hopefully Spain and Portugal very soon


Karine Martel


Karine was born in Montreal and grew up in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, on the south shore of Montreal.

She is a passionate translator who cares about her clients as well as a devoted mother who loves nothing more than to spend time with her family.

She is fond of arts, languages and books, but her favorite thing is to connect with other human beings.

Karine reads: Haruki Murakami, Doris Lessing, Victor Hugo, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and Marc Séguin among other authors as well as books about sustainability and cooking

Karine watches: too many movies for children!

Karine listens to: Pink Floyd, Avec pas d’casque, Thom Yorke, Jean-Michel Blais and Édith Piaf

Karine admires: true artists and people who stand up for what is right

Karine wants: learn Turkish

Karine visits:


Luc Lajeunesse


After a diverse career in IT, technical support, video games localization testing and linguistics, Luc specialized in technical and scientific translation at university and worked as a freelancer before joining Stoquart Canada.

Luc reads: mainly science fiction

Luc watches: mainly science fiction

Luc listens to: different music styles ranging from classical to Queen, Bernard Adamus, and Émile Bilodeau

Luc admires: the determination and perseverance of top athletes

Luc would like to: offer his children a better world

Luc visits: his family in Rivière-du-Loup, but really not often enough


Mandy Dath


Mandy graduated as an English/Dutch to French translator from the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI-EII) at the University of Mons. She joined Stoquart and loves her job because she can deepen her knowledge in various fields. Mandy is a fan of the simplest joys of life like listening to her favorite song on the radio or eating a pizza with her best friend.

Mandy reads: Young Adult literature, gothic novels and horror stories. She also owns a copy of every single book written by Stephen King

Mandy watches: US TV shows, true-crime shows (Making a Murderer, Les enquêtes impossibles, Cold Justice, The Confession Tapes). She is also the #1 fan of House M.D.

Mandy listens to: Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson and… Michael Jackson!

Mandy admires: optimistic people

Mandy would like to: visit Scotland and adopt a rescue cat

Mandy visits: YouTube (probably way too much), Tumblr, and websites and forums dedicated to graphic arts and designers


Magali Roba


Magali graduated from EII in Mons, with English and Russian as her working languages. She then decided to try her hand at teaching for a few months, but soon realised it wasn’t her cup of tea, so she came back to Mons and to her true calling: translation.

Apart from overthinking the meaning of words, Magali loves to read, play video games and hike.

Magali reads: manga (she needs her daily fix), and just about anything she can lay her hands on – from classical literature to fantasy

Magali watches: a bit of everything (she’s easy to please, especially if it’s on a big screen), but mostly Studio Ghibli and animated movies (“Laputa: The Castle in the Sky” being her all-time favourite), superhero movies, and every item on her shamefully long watch list

Magali listens to: punk and garage-inspired bands (forever a Garbage fan), K-pop, singer-songwriters, violent and trashy hip-hop, video game OSTs

Magali admires: committed people who own their decisions and aren’t afraid to take risks

Magali would like to: take a late-afternoon nap with her cat after a day-long hike in the mountains

Magali visits:,,


Marie Lecocq


After graduating from the Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux, where she specialized in literary translation, Marie started working at Stoquart SA, translating from English and German into French. Over the course of her career, she has specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translation.

She enjoys writing, reading, cinema, cooking, music, hanging out with friends, travelling (a lot) and generally scaring people.

Marie reads: Oliver Sachs, Jim Thompson, Céline, Houellebecq, Philip K. Dick, Emmanuel Carrère, Chuck Palahniuk, Brian Evenson, Joyce Carol Oates

Marie watches: Breaking bad, Dexter, House, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and David Cronenberg movies, horror movies, outlandish Asian movies

Marie listens to: Killing Joke, Amon Tobin, Čechomor, a few dead French singers, classical music, industrial music, metal, sludgecore

Marie admires: Stanley Kubrick, Pierre Desproges, people who think outside the box

Marie would like to: be able to speak more languages and discover the secret of teleportation (or else win the Euromillions lottery)

Marie visits:,,


Translator Stoquart Canada

Maude Du Temple-Parent


After a very eclectic career that involved zigzagging between art, comic books, cabinetmaking, writing and Germanic studies, Maude finally turned to translation. A certified translator since 2013, she first worked as a freelancer for a few years before joining the Stoquart Canada team.

Maude reads: literary short stories rather than novels because the author does not have time to get tired of their own story. She is also an avid fan of The New Yorker magazine Fiction podcast. Sarah Marquis’ travel stories and Cécile Reyboz’s prose are her latest discoveries

Maude watches: documentaries about history, the environment, animals, food. A Netflix maniac, she likes foreign series, but nothing will ever live up to Seinfeld and the priceless George Costanza

Maude listens to: everything. Really. There too, she likes to switch modes whenever the mood takes her. But if she ever decided to take refuge on a desert island with a tiny suitcase, she would definitely bring Bashung’s and Nick Cave’s music with her

Maude admires: vegans, who have the strength to set aside their vices in order to adhere to their principles

Maude would like to: live in a Sempé drawing

Maude visits: and revisits the Austrian Alps, a true paradise for hikers and phlegmatic bovines, where the ringing of cow bells heralds that it’s time to stop for a Brettljause


Nathalie Célin


Nathalie grew up in a farm in the beautiful region of Brittany in Western France, but quickly deviated from the family tradition by cultivating words instead of cereals. She started out as a translator in 2001 in the UK, before moving back to France in 2004.

She enjoys relaxing with friends and family. To kill time on her bus commute, she likes solving arrow-words, listening to music, daydreaming or napping.

Nathalie reads: travel stories (Bill Bryson, Sylvain Tesson, Sonia & Alexandre Poussin,…) and crime novels (Tony Hillerman, Kathy Reichs,…)

Nathalie watches: CSI Las Vegas + New York, Cold Case, Bones, Les Guignols de l’Info, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Nathalie listens to: Mark Knopfler, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, celtic music

Nathalie admires: Nelson Mandela

Nathalie would like: to do her best to keep her « coolest aunt » status awarded by her four nieces and one and only nephew

Nathalie visits:,,


Pol Stassin


Pol graduated from the University of Mons (FTI-EII) and started working at Stoquart shortly after. He is passionate about the world of translation as he considers this discipline as a great way to learn more about a lot of different sectors and subject matter.

Pol reads: A bit of everything, but mainly books that help him increase his general knowledge

Pol watches: A lot of TV shows; football

Pol listens to: Rock music (mostly) but his taste in music is pretty eclectic

Pol admires: Neuroscientists and behaviour specialists

Pol would like to: Travel the world

Pol visits: Newspaper and culinary websites


Sophie Leroy


Sophie graduated from the Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux in Mons in 1992 as a as a translator from Dutch/English into French. She first worked as a Dutch teacher before joining Stoquart in 1994. She has no time to get bored with her four daughters, aged 16, 10 and twins of 12. Sophie enjoys reading, cooking, walking with her dog, running with colleagues during lunch time, swimming. Some months ago, she discovered the benefits of meditation and should practice it more and more.

Sophie reads: K. Pancol, P. Coelho, L. Gounelle, H. Coben, meditation books, suspense novels

Sophie watches: Dr House, Harry Potter, comedy films, cartoons with her children

Sophie listens to: Enya, Zazie, Sting, Bashung, Brel and relaxing music

Sophie admires: well-organized persons, especially mothers

Sophie would like to: find inner peace

Sophie visits: YouTube, Facebook, Amazon


Stéphanie Vidalenc


Stéphanie is a busy – yet effective – mother of three. As the daughter of two English teachers, when she was a child she wanted to study anything but English (well, maybe not math either, when you think of it). She then spent a year in the United States, where her love for the English language developed.

Stéphanie reads: Paul Auster, Peter Mayle, John Grisham, Emile Zola, Guillaume Musso

Stéphanie watches: not much TV anymore, with 3 kids, a husband and a house to take care of while working!

Stéphanie listens to: the radio, Mika, ABBA and English nursery rhymes with her daughters

Stéphanie admires: creative people

Stéphanie would like to: have more time to work out and more money to travel

Stéphanie visits: news and cooking websites


Tania Jiacomini


Tania is the only native of the French Riviera working at Sophia Antipolis office. As the daughter of two teachers, she’s a real grammar and spelling nerd – though she admits it can be quite annoying for her family circle!
Tania likes hiking in the countryside just inland from Nice, cooking for her husband and friends, and trying various restaurants.

Tania reads: Fred Vargas, Maxime Chattam, Anna Gavalda

Tania watches: Dead Poets Society, Dr House, Dirty Dancing (or how to become a teenager again!)

Tania listens to: MUSE – seeing them at Stade de France was the most amazing gig experience!

Tania admires: Robert Badinter

Tania would like to: travel more, and more often

Tania visits: and


Thomas Demoustier


Thomas is a true born-and-bred Mons native – not only was he born here, but also completed his studies and currently lives in the very same city. Since earning his degree in translation, he has been working as a translator from German and English into French. He enjoys gardening, running, reading, writing, cooking and photography (especially close-up and macro photography) in natural areas (on the seaside or in the forest), and discovering cityscapes but only at certain times in the morning (when there is almost no noise nor movement at all).

Thomas reads: Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Michel Houellebecq, Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Emmanuel Carrère, Michel Onfray, Pierre Desproges and Friedrich Nietzsche as well as French and Belgian poetry of the 19th and 20th centuries

Thomas watches: Movies with Louis de Funès, by and starring Charlie Chaplin, movies featuring dialogues from Michel Audiard, directed by Bertrand Blier, Kervern & Delépine, and Michael Haneke. A Clockwork Orange, The Truman Show, Monsieur Gangster, La Traversée de Paris, and Love Me No More

Thomas listens to: Alain Bashung, Léo Ferré, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Georges Brassens, Tindersticks, Timber Timber, Prodigy, Rammstein, Get Well Soon, Depeche Mode, J-S Bach and Franz Schubert

Thomas admires: People who do not fear silence nor clear-headedness; natural phenomena

Thomas would like to: “Become who he is” (as Nietzsche said)

Thomas visits:,,


Valérie Chabassier


Holder of diplomas in foreign languages and in translation ((English/Spanish) from the Universities of Limoges and Toulouse, Valérie left her native Limousin in year 2000 to set up house in the Chtis’ region and to cross the border everyday to work in Stoquart S.A. Sociable, she got accustomed to her new life and first job « abroad ».

Her team spirit of former great sportswoman is reflected in her work and her southern singsong accent brightens up our silent and studious atmosphere at the office. Besides, according to one colleague, if she hadn’t been a translator, she would have been an excellent « coach of the good mood ».

Valérie reads: her daughter’s school textbooks to help her with her lessons ;-) ; Le Journal d’Anne Frank

Valérie watches: TV series such as Arrow, Teen Wolf, Alcatraz and The Blacklist

Valérie listens to: Sting, Reggae, today’s music and traffic information on radio in her car to report the endless roadworks and traffic jams…

Valérie admires: people who work for humanitarian agencies
Valérie would like to be: closer to her family (Limousin, France)

Valérie visits: special websites about gluten free food and recipes for her daughter and she connects to Skype in order to see her family/her husband’s family more often